About Grimlocke Prime

I am GrimlockePrime or as most people call me Grimmy. I am a content creator with disabilities I am proud to stand as an advocate for Disability Awareness, Mental Health Awareness and Accessibility Awareness.
The Derpy Dino

My Journey.

I am a content creator with 13 years of experience across youtube, Justin.tv/Twitch Beam/Mixer, Dlive, Trovo and many more.
Over the years I have been partnered with many platforms, companies and brands all of which I was very proud of myself and my community to have achieved.

Personal Achievements

During the 13 years of content creation I have worked hard to grow and be successful and I always tell myself and my community to be proud of everything positive you achieve and some of my proudest achievements are: Mixer Partner, Youtube Partner,  Square Enix Influencer/Partner, first Warframe of Mixer, Guilded partner, Streamloots, Realm Royale and Discord.

My Mission

My goal with my content is to create a safe, welcoming informative space free from judgement or prejudices from the world around us where people from all walks of life and all preferences and identities are welcome and safe.
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Contact Me

I'm always happy to connect with like minded businesses for partnership or sponsorship if you would like to discuss an opportunity with me please email me: